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Our Horses

Tiana is an Arabian mare born and bred in Flagstaff by John Winnecki. She came to us Spring of 2021 with her half sister Nellie. Tiana has had previous experience working with children and adults with disabilities in Hippotherapy sessions, therapeutic riding and in equine assisted psychotherapy. She is very friendly and loving.


Nellie, another Arabian mare, came to us with her half sister Tiana and has the same background, training and experience. Nellie and Tiana lived together for their whole lives. Nellie has had more trail riding experience than Tiana. Nellie is even tempered and sweet.


Timber, a very handsome and sweet Mustang pony, has excelled as a therapy horse.

Kathy Oliver of Sacred Peaks Equine Sanctuary has let him be a part of our therapy

sessions. When he is not interacting with special needs children, he also does

endurance riding events with Kathy, where he has gone 25 to 30 miles per day. On

Halloween he dressed up as a pirate! Arrrgh!

H&H 3.jpg

Josi another beautiful mustang sometimes appears to children in her magical form - a unicorn! 

Her owner Mardi is one of our horse handlers.

H&H 2.jpg

Star, a beautiful Canadian Percheron who was with us from May till October

helped us launch our Physical Therapy sessions. She is from Boulder Mountain

Therapy in Mesa, AZ and came up to Flagstaff to escape the heat of the valley.

She has 8 years of experience as a therapy horse and is a great gift for us. She

makes a great mascot too!!

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