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Pat New-Jenkins PT, DPT

Pat has been providing pediatric PT for 16 years and Hippotherapy for 6 years.  She is the founder of 15 Hands & hearts Inc. and delighted to be able to offer PT using equine movement in Flagstaff and Sanders, AZ 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapist

Shari Morin-Degel  LCPC

For over 15 years my career has focused on providing mental health services to individuals who have experienced complex trauma and chronic stress as well as supporting other professionals who do the same. I utilizes a trauma informed approach that includes strategies for restoring health to cognitive processes, the nervous system and the mind/body connection. My own personal experience with compassion fatigue and burnout, as well as the opportunity to support other professionals avoid the same outcome is what birthed the vision for BALANCE. I am licensed in Arizona and Montana to provide professional counseling to people located in these states, including at 15 Hands & Hearts. I accept insurance in both states.

Horse Handlers

Barb White MS, LMT
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Barb was sitting on a horse before she was a year old, starting a lifelong love affair with horses. She grew up riding untrained horses in Wyoming and was blessed to discover John Winnicki and his amazing horsemanship not long after she moved to Flagstaff. From her mentor, she learned natural horsemanship skills, daily care and management, and keys to true partnership with horses by becoming a better person. Barb works in private practice as a massage therapist and has a master's degree in philosophy with an emphasis in medical ethics. Horses and healing define her life and she is grateful to bring these together at 15 Hands and Hearts.

Barbara Bates

I have owned and ridden pleasure horses off and on for 45 years, since I was 19 years old, including a few Western horse shows and 1 Barrel Race when I was younger. In my 50s, I supported my daughter in 4-H riding and showing. It is exciting to be working with the 15 Hands and Hearts program in all aspects of horse handling and side-walking. Having a child with learning differences and a passion for a better education system, it is a pleasure to use my skills in such a powerful and rewarding way.

Alexis Bates
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I have been riding since I was eight years old. I took horseback riding lessons and I have

done 4-H. I have done western and English shows. I have owned two horses. I have been taking care of

horses for the past six years and have loved horses for my whole life. I started working at 15 Hands and

Hearts in the summer of 2020, and have enjoyed the different elements of being a side walker and

horse handler.

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Mardi Devolites

Mardi Devolites is a Natural Horsemanship trainer who studied with Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman in the early 2000s. Since then she has specialized in helping backyard horse owners solve problems and improve their relationships with their horses. She currently resides in Flagstaff, AZ at the Sacred Peaks Equine Sanctuary where she trains horses and teaches horsemanship. Mardi has a Masters in Communication from Northern Arizona University, is a community volunteer and Horse Handler for 15 Hands & Hearts.

Tobie Keiser
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I grew up loving and drawing horses.  I was taught to force the horse to do what I wanted and if they didn’t to punish them.  I didn’t know any better. As an adult I bought a horse I loved, however, she had issues that my way of working with a horse didn’t work on her. Then I started getting introduced to Natural Horsemanship.  It has really changed the way I think about the horses and caused me to see from their point of view.  I still have more to learn and still need to deal with some of my old issues, but the horses have been a great tool for that.  They are very loving, and they will let me know when I am off in my approach, then it’s up to me to deal with it often in prayer for guidance on how to do things differently.

Mary Ann Mudd
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I has been working with a variety of animals my whole life. I obtained a degree in Psychology, Sociology, and also studied Exotic Animal Training and Maintenance in

Moorpark, CA. before moving back to my hometown of Flagstaff. I started my business Merry-Go-Round Carriage Rides in 2015 which offers horse drawn carriage rides around downtown, for weddings, events, and more. I have also worked with high school age students with emotional disabilities at the school district for several years. In my free time, I train and compete with wild mustangs and burros through the BLM. I am also a licensed falconer who

enjoys hunting with the assistance of my Harris hawks and other birds of prey.

Side Walkers

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Catie Bell
Ellie Biesemeyer
Katherine David
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Sandy Roberts
Jennifer Garcia
Selden Wasson
Stephanie Weiner
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